Fall Colors

maybe i like san francisco because it is permanently Autumn here. Autumn, spicy orange Autumn. persimmons, pumpkins, nutmeg, and wool. Autumn. crisp, clear, nostalgic. you are my favorite taste.

i adore july, fat like watermelon and bursting blueberries
pregnant with all of summer hope
but i am the color of Autumn–Autumn’s child.
printed and patterned in her dappled orange yellow rust clear slanted light.
i want to suck her pumpkin pie smell through a straw and hold her smoky farm flavor in nostrils and lungs.



  1. Kelly Kent-Stoll says

    Love this! And now, for some reason, I am craving a pumpkin chai latte from the White Raven. What makes their version so divine, if you recall, is the incorporation of actual pumpkin puree. Perhaps you should come up with your own pumpkin chai recipe, “Autumn’s child.”

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