Keep the Home Fires Burning

As we transition into Autumn, the herald of cooler, darker weather, it is important to stay warm and nourished. According to Henry C. Lu, “Yang deficiency, or kidney yang deficiency, refers to a lack of yang energy in the kidneys, which is essential in the maintenance of body warmth” (Chinese Natural Cures, p. 321). Also, keep in mind that a deficiency in the kidneys can cause a deficiency in the liver, and vice versa. The liver regulates blood storage, and the kidneys the balance of water in the body. Both play a key role in digestion, and the liver is affected by emotional upset or emotional blockages–anger in particular.

A few foods for kidney yang deficiency are: Japanese cassia fruits, chestnuts, chive seeds, cinnamon, clove, and clove oil, dill seeds, fennel seeds, pistachio nuts, star anise, strawberries, and pork testicles (I think I’ll pass on the latter)!

For kidney yin deficiency, characterized by physical dryness, take asparagus, tofu, mandarin oranges, mangoes, cow’s milk, string beans, tomatoes, and walnuts, to name a few.

(Chinese Natural Cures, by Henry C. Lu)

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