Naked as a Deciduous Tree

Ahh Winter…the year comes full circle. We are shocked that the holiday season is upon us and yet another year has gone by. With more time spent indoors, shorter days, longer nights, and perhaps ultimately a bit more nostalgia, I don’t need to tell you that the Ghost of Christmas Past may come to haunt. The colorful seasons of expansion seem like mere memories, and we are left to snuggle in with our loved (or, ahem, not-so-loved) ones. Though the crisp air and Christmas lights can be merry, Winter can be a rough patch for even the hardiest among us. Be kind to yourself during this time, and take the necessary measures in self-care. Now more than ever, it is vital to give your body the physical activity it needs; and be sure to get out there and soak up whatever sun rays you can manage. Also, it is easy to dry out with the winds and heaters blowing. I find that drinking fresh squeezed lemon in water, as well as coconut water is of great help. Also, minimize the sugar, and get your essential fatty acids. Cook with coconut oil, dress with olive oil, garnish with a little avocado, ground flax seeds, or walnut. In addition, vitamin B is essential for healthy nerve, liver and thyroid function. Gogi berries are a great source of Vitamin B, E, and essential fatty acids, You can also get Vitamin B from eggs, nutritional yeast, and bee pollen. Eat your greens and citrus too! These seasonal fruits and veggies will keep you vibrant, and make your liver happy!

Above all, appreciate the Winter for what it’s worth. When the leaves fall off, there is death, but there is also opportunity for growth, reflection, and ultimately renewal and transformation.

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