Dressing Your Radicchio

For many, radicchio is just too bitter a leaf. I personally don’t mind bitter medicine, but here is an easy way to make those luscious purple leaves a little more palatable:

Radicchio-Kale Salad
One de-stemmed, finely shredded head of kale
Half a head of washed and chopped radicchio
1/2 cup finely chopped carrots

The Dressing:
one part olive oil
one part apple cider vinegar
a squeeze of lemon
enough Tamari to salt
enough tahini to add thickness and creaminess*
a dash of turmeric and/or mustard powder

Pour on enough dressing to finely coat all the leaves. Let it soak in for an hour or so, and serve!
*I find that the tahini is a key ingredient for adding creaminess and balancing the bitterness of the kale and radicchio.

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