Herbs and Leaves

The health benefits of cabbage are numerous. It is rich in Vitamin C, the outer leaves are rich in Vitamin E, is rich in iodine, and great for the digestive system. Furthermore, it helps to negate the effects of excess estrogen–a salient point given that there are all kinds of phyto and xenoestrogens floating around in our food and water these days. Radiccio is a great blood and liver tonic, and it’s deep red purple hues add richness in color and flavor.
This is a simple stir fry made with coconut oil, green cabbage, garlic, leeks, fresh ginger, sea salt, fresh rosemary, and herbes de provence. Heat the oil in a skillet, add the leeks, garlic, cabbage, and ginger. Cook on med-high until the cabbage softens, then add the chopped radiccio and seasonings. Do a quick high heat sautee–just enough to wilt the radiccio and crisp the leeks slightly.

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