Little Shoots

In keeping with the expansive, upward movement of Spring, I have been doing a little sprouting in the kitchen. This is cheap and easy, and makes for a fun side project!
These are wheat berry sprouts. Start by filling a jar 2/3 full of dried wheat berries. Let the berries soak in water for twelve hours. Rinse. Cover jar with a cheese cloth and a rubber band. Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Rinse twice daily. It takes about three days, and then you will have some lovely shoots. Store the whole jar in the fridge and use the sprouts as a topping on salad, stir fries, and sandwhiches. Sprouting is great because it predigests the nutrients in the grains, seeds, or legumes. So, even if you have a wheat allergy, you may be fine with sprouted wheat berries.

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