Road Creations

In the past week I slept at a friary on Staten Island, a retreat center in Upstate New York, a sterile hotel in Irvine, and now a vacation cabin in Idyllwild, CA. Travelling can be hard on the body, so when granted the rare gift of a kitchen and a blender, I have been making full use–concocting smoothies and potions to keep me nourished on the way. Here are a couple of my creations:

Cardamom-Banana Blend
a cup or orange juice
1 banana
a tablespoon of whey powder
a tsp of cardamom
-combine all ingredients and set to ‘puree’ or ‘liquify’ in your blender

Grapefruit puree with flava
Four peeled grapefruits
a cup of mango juice
frozen strawberries
frozen peaches
2 tbsp yogurt
2 tbsp pumpkin butter
1 tsp cardamom
-again, combine all ingredients and blend to pulverized.

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