Collard Wraps

So easy, incredibly delicious, protein and iron rich.

Bake one medium size yam. In a pot, lightly steam several collards leaves, leaving whole, and cutting off the tough end stems. In a skillet, heat a tablespoon of coconut oil, add 24-30 oz. black beans. Dice yam, and add to the beans. Cook beans and yams on low for several minutes, adding yellow curry powder, sea salt, and paprika. When beans and yams have heated and melded to satisfaction, add a tablespoon of hummus and stir in. Let mixture cool.

Take out one collard frond at a time, add a small heap of yam-bean mix. Cut open an avocado, and add a few small cubes of avo. Wrap it up and enjoy! So many ways to make a wrap, and so fun too!

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