Herb of the Week: Hawthorn for the Heart

Herb of the week: Hawthorn berries! Hawthorn berries are great for heart health, as they are anti-hypertensives and help to regulate the heart beat. They also treat anxiety and thus are good for the emotional heart as well. You can take Hawthorn as a tea, tincture, or capsule. For heart conditions, it can take two weeks to take effect, so give it time. If you take it in whole herb powdered form, you can add a little fresh ginger or cardamom to help with absorption.
In Dr. Lad and David Frawley’s book “Yoga of Herbs” this is one way to take Hawthorn: “One half ounce of hawthorn berries can be simmered in one pint of water for 20 minutes along with one teaspoon of cinnamon and taken three times a day after meals…”

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