Your Ayurvedic Travel Kit

The holiday season is a popular time for travel. Whether you are jetting off to exotic locales or paying a yearly visit to your Aunt Mildred in Oklahoma, a few simple self-care routines will make the trip a whole lot more pleasant! These are my Ayurvedically informed don’t-leave-home without-it travel essentials!
1. Travel neti pot: A daily practice of Jal Neti (rinsing the nasal passage with salt water) not only helps clear allergens, it also clears the mind and strengthens your nervous system! You can purchase a plastic neti pot for safer travel and be sure to only use purified water.
2. Nasya oil: A lot of people skip this step! After jal neti, follow up by oiling the nostrils and nasal passages. This prevents dryness, which can lead to more irritation. I love Banyan Botanicals Nasya oil It contains herbs to clear and strengthen the nervous system and smells like Eucalyptus. Check out the “how to” video on the link!
3. Triphala: An essential for your herbal pharmacopeia! Taken in the proper doses, Triphala can treat and prevent the range of tummy (and intestinal) troubles. Consult your local Ayurvedic Practitioner to learn the proper dosage for you. I like Organic India’s:
4. Grapefruit seed extract: This is your natural anti-biotic so use sparingly! It has a powerful anti-microbial action, but if you feel like you are coming down with a bug, it will kill what ails you. Wormwood tincture works nicely too!
5. Abhyanga oil: A daily whole-body application of warm oil will give you grounding, nourishment, and subtle protection. Sesame, almond, or coconut oil works nicely depending on your constitutional type. Apply, let is sink in for 20 min, and rinse! Your troubles will roll off like water off a duck’s back!

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