Good To Come Home

Happy New Year! Though Christmas travels only carried me as far as the well-watered deserts of Palm Springs and the snow-capped mountain hamlet of Idyllwild, this first week of January has truly felt like a process of landing.
New Year’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year because it represents a pause–one year has ended and a new year begins. Yet that new year is suspended in its nascent stages–in a state of peace, nakedness, and innocence. Rather than cluttering 2016 with willful plans and wild ambitions, as this new year commences I invite you to enjoy the spaces between. Come home and witness with amusement your perfect imperfection.
Ayurveda (the traditional medicine of India) teaches that healing wisdom already exists in each of us. We are not to become something or someone else, but rather to be a more clear and pure reflection of our deeper, higher selves. That process of polishing means hard work and austere measures at times. It also requires rest and nourishment, and most importantly sustainable practices. 
I am not going to sell you on a New Year’s cleanse or a get fit quick scheme. Instead, I encourage you to engage and delight in the study of that complex animal called YOU. Ayurveda offers a sound and time-tested road map for this process of self-inquiry and self-healing. 
Journey to the center of you! Visit my page “Ayurvedic Medicine Services” for information on Ayurvedic consultations and Abhyanga.

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