Bone Health

Did you know that Western doctors do not diagnose Osteoporosis until the patient has lost 75% of their bone density?!!! This is why it is important for us to take responsibility for our own health and aim at maintaining optimal wellness, rather than waiting for the diagnosis of doom from our MD. Luckily, maintaing good bone health is actually quite simple. The two main things you can do are:

1. engage in weight-bearing exercise on a regular basis (i.e. walking, dance, running, yoga asana)

2. eat an alkaline diet; that is a diet that is 75% fruits and vegetables.

When our diet is overly acidic, the body pulls calcium from our bones and into the bloodstream to alkalize. If we maintain alkaline blood, our body doesn’t have to strip our bones to balance our blood’s pH. The most acidic foods to avoid, or at least minimize are:

1. meat

2. alcohol

3. brown soda

4. white sugar

5. coffee

Thirteen Gems for Holiday Gift

In case you missed it the first time around, you can still purchase my charming little cookbook, Thirteen Gems, anytime from It is a precious book full of totally original, tasty and nutritious vegetarian recipes.

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Women’s Health Tips for You!

Another full weekend of Ayurvedic studies! This weekend we are continuing with Women’s Health as part of our Clinical Ayurvedic program at CA College of Ayurveda. I am filling my notebook and brain with all kinds of fabulous, natural treatments for the range of women’s health issues, including infections, PMS, and symptoms associated with menopause. If you want to learn about the Ayurvedic cures, send me a message! I can even design an individualized herbal formula for you, depending on your needs.

Seasonal Special! Abhyanga for just $50!!

As some of you know, I am in my second year of studies at CA College of Ayurveda–a very in depth Ayurvedic program. I recently completed my hours for my Ayurvedic Massage and Body Therapies Course. I have been loving giving the Abhyangas (Ayurvedic massage). I find it incredibly healing for my clients as well as myself. While I am continuing to refine my process, I’d like to extend this Seasonal Special. From now til the end of 2014, one hour Abhyanga for just $50! This is a lovely traditional form of massage that utilizes lots of nourishing oils, balances the doshas (energies) of the body, and calms the nervous system. I am located in San Francisco, CA. Use the contact tab above and message me to make an appt.!
and a testimonial:
“Greta’s massage was hands down one of the best I’ve ever received. Her technique was well balanced, her pressure perfect, and it melted all of my stress away. I highly recommend seeing her and using her services!”
~Diana M.

Managing the sinuses in dry weather

Especially in drier climes, it’s not unusual to experience dry, irritated sinuses and nasal passages. Unfortunately, this condition is not only uncomfortable, it also compromises one’s pranic absorption. Blocked sinuses can contribute to depression, fatigue, and brain fog. An easy solution is performing neti every day and following up with a few drops of medicated herbal oil in each nostril. For neti make sure to use distilled water and get the water to body temperature. Use 1/4-1/2 tsp fine ground salt. If you get the temperature and salinity right, it should feel very pleasant–like hardly anything at all. I made a nice nasya oil with a sesame oil base, gotu kola, slippery elm, and fresh basil. If you are trained in making medicated oils, have at it! If not, you can buy pre-made nasya oils from Ayurvedic suppliers like Banyan Botanicals–or talk to our local Ayurvedic practitioner about it. Performing daily neti and following up with nasya oil has made a huge difference in my ability to breathe freely!