Ancient Wisdom for Modern Maladies. Ayurveda addresses the roots of illness and gives you the tools for optimal well-being. By optimizing your body’s ability to self-heal, this ancient Vedic science guides you to a healthy, vibrant state. Greta Kent-Stoll of Asheville Ayurveda offers individualized wellness consultations consisting of dietary, lifestyle, and herbal recommendations.

In person, video and phone appointments available. 

Initial Consultation $150 includes:

  • Initial Intake (90-120 min): Detailed information is gathered about your diet, lifestyle, health conditions, and daily habits. Pulse and tongue diagnosis are part of the assessment.
  • Report of Findings (60 min.): You will be presented with a summary of your Prakruti (inherent constitution) and Vikruti (current state of imbalance). As your Ayurvedic practitioner, I work with you to develop your Ayurvedic protocol and a path forward.

Follow-up visits (50 min): I will work with you to implement a constitutionally correct diet, lifestyle modifications and herbal therapies. The path to wellness takes time, care and consistency. Some people only need a few appointments. For others, it takes several weeks or several years. Check-ins are important for adjusting, modifying, and maintaining your wellness program. ($60-$65)

Wellness Packages: $350 for the initial consultation plus four follow-up visits (six visits total). $240 for a package of 4 follow-up visits.

Email to schedule. I look forward to working with you!

Local Ayurvedic health practitioner Greta Kent-Stoll in her office downtown on Jan. 28, 2017. (Joe Pellegrino/The Mountain Xpress)