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Ayurveda addresses the roots of illness and gives you the tools for optimal well-being. Ayurveda has the power to alleviate both acute and chronic health imbalances. By optimizing your body’s ability to self-heal, this ancient Vedic science assists in disease prevention and guides you to your most healthy, vibrant state. Asheville Ayurveda, located in Downtown Asheville, North Carolina, offers individualized holistic health care via diet and lifestyle consultations, herbal remedies, and sensory therapies.

In person, video and phone appointments available. 

Initial Consultation 

  • Initial Intake (90-120 min): Detailed information is gathered about your diet, lifestyle, health conditions, and daily habits. Pulse and tongue diagnosis are part of the assessment.  ($75)
  • Report of Findings (60 min.): You will be presented with a summary of your Prakruti (inherent constitution) and Vikruti (current state of imbalance). As your Ayurvedic practitioner, I work with you to develop a treatment plan and a path forward. ($50)

Follow-up visits (50 min): I will work with you to implement a constitutionally correct diet, lifestyle modifications and herbal therapies. The path to wellness takes time, care and consistency. Some people only need a few appointments. For others, it takes several weeks or several years. Check-ins are important for adjusting, modifying, and maintaining your wellness program. ($55-$65)

Wellness Packages: $325 for the initial consultation plus four follow-up visits (six visits total). $220 for a package of 4 follow-up visits.

Email to schedule. I look forward to working with you!